Santorini nlp
Probably the most well known technique to replace a pattern that creates an undesired feeling with a resourceful one. 

As you already know, we perceive the world through our five senses which actually creates a representation of the world inside our mind. Each one of us, according to his preferred representational system, creates a slightly different image of this world as there is no universal truth but several unique ideas of what it is true. 

Some people create images, others create movies, this is not as important as the fact that each one has a unique way of representing what he percieves. And since different states of being are connected with these images or movies, when recalling them or even when replaying them, they lead to the states that one has been while these images where made for the first time and what is really interesting is that these images may be fictional, completely unreal, just a creation of some vivid imagination as the unconscious mind cannot distinct between what is actually real and what is a vivid imagination, it makes no difference to it so as one can get all the benefits from being creative.

So, by replacing an image with a new one, or just by altering a few or even all of its sub-modalities, something that used to be of no or even bad use, can now lead to something good, extraordinary good!

This can be applied from stoping a bad habbit up to public speaking and self-esteem. You see, automatic unconscious  behavior can be replaced with a resourceful one and you don’t even have to be hypnotized! It is only the way the neurons work!