Hypnosis in Santorini
Most people spent most of their lives into a trance state, one way or another…. All people experience the deep relaxation of a trance state just before they slip into sleep. Most of them remain in an altered state after they woke up as they get to stare at the ceiling or continue their dream in a more conscious way. 

You may have yourself experienced the phenomenon that a traffic light changes to green but the car in front of you does not move, or even you don’t move… 

And the most profound example of all is people entering an elevator. Their body posture changes, they stop talking and they may even stare with unblinking eyes as the numbers pass on, until they automatically exit as the doors open….on the wrong floor!

You see, there is such a great misconception about what hypnosis really is. Credit for that has to be given to the “stage hypnotists” who are actually making a point of the extreme capabilities of the unconscious mind in a hillarious, sometimes insulting to the personality way. 

And actually, there is a truth in that the unconscious mind has a huge potential specially if you compare it with the limited conscious one. 

A clinical hypnotist is not interested into showing off to other people what he can do, simply because he is aware of the fact that he knows he is not the one doing things. He is only the one who knows the way, who reveals the path that the client can walk on. And it is the client that makes all the necessary adjustments, all the necessary changes, it is the client who makes the best choices. The hypnotist simply suggests an idea, if this idea appeals, then it is a good, a useful idea, a seed that can be nurture by the unconscious of the client until it grows into a tree of happiness, a tree of freedom, a liberated and joyful version of himself.

The only reason for not undergoing hypnosis by a certified hypnotist is to be afraid to become the best version of you. And even that can be taken care too! 

As you see, the only question that really worth asking is “how much pleasure can you stand”? As life itself is made of moments, is not a whole, and if you get to really enjoy each one of these moments, you will be sure to enjoy life itself!