Fast Phobia Cure

Santorini Fast Phobia Cure
Phobias are only the proof that the brain learns fast! So fast that sometimes, when the emotional state is just the right one, one reaction can be encoded forever and keep coming up while being an obstacle in a happy and carefree life. 

The Fast Phobia Cure pattern takes care of that by changing the submodalities of the trigger image or movie that the mind creates and replacing them with new ones. This is a process that everyone who is able to create a mental image can do and it takes only a few minutes!

Phsychiatrists say they need about 3-4 years to cure a phobia despite the fact that the phobia is developed in minutes. So if your brain is capable of learning something in minutes, doesn’t sound obvious that it can in-learn it in that short time?

Once I had a client who she claimed was not able to form images. A believed her as she was a very auditory oriented person with extremely low esteem. She wouldn’ t try hard only as not to fail. This is where Hypnosis takes the first role and although the Fast Phobia Cure is not Fast anymore, the phobia is being sealed in its root. 

It is important to know that any behavior, even the silliest one, at least at some point in the past if not still, it had to offer something of use to the person. Therefore we don’t take away habits or behaviors, we just replace them with most effective and beneficial ones!