Changing Personal History

Santorini hypnotism nlp practitioner
With Mrs. Kathleen LaValle, after performing on me the “Changing Personal History” technique

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon to be “ok” and then, just for no apparent reason at all to have a mood swing and be not “ok” anymore? From hero to zero in no time at all, and even if you get to wonder or you are being asked, there is no explanation to be given?

This is what used to happen to me until Ms. Kathleen LaValle, my dear trainer, got me on stage for a “quick re-adjustment”. 

We went together through the “Changing Personal History” technique in which you mentally travel back to the moment or even moments that a life changing unpleasant event occurred. The conscious mind may not be aware of this event, nevertheless the unconscious mind keeps a good record of it as well as everything that ever occurred in between. This leads to a chain reaction until you experience the mood swing, out of blue. 

By going back, you use the resources out of that moment and then you travel back once more, being educated this time, in order to advice yourself about this new findings of yours. Then you make sure that the new state of comfort and enthusiasm for my case, remains with you for the future to come. 

And voila! In less than 20′ a 30 years old way of living through extreme and unexplained mood swings has been gone forever!