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Unconscious or Subconscious?

unconscious vs subconscious

People I meet and specially clients that get to hear the word often as I speak to their unconscious mind often ask me, "You mention unconscious, I thought it was subconscious..." and every single time I remember the first time I asked myself this question and when John LaValle answered it with two simple words, "Who cares?" actually, since …

Trance-form pain into Creativity

NLP Greece Santorini Hypnotist

Client Case: The client is a female in her early forties who was suffering from abdominal pain due to her menstrual cycle and who asked for my help... Since she was not fond of using medication drugs as pain reliefs her options were a little limited, leaving her in pain for several years... Read for yourself how a simple hypnotic session changed that...

Hypnotherapy in Santorini

Find out for yourself how easy it is to be free from phobias, compulsive behavior or anxiety, how to embrace joy and live as the best version of you, and how this can be done in just a few minutes!